And why it doesn’t matter when you work with lovely people…

Yesterday we received the news that all Event Organisers dread. ‘The event that is two days away has to be cancelled’. The event in question was a street food event at Platform that forms part of Airport City Manchester’s extensive community offering.

The reason for the cancellation couldn’t have been foreseen. On Monday, as we all know, Thomas Cook ceased trading. The results of that have been devastating for employees and customers alike and the last 48 hours have been spent trying to get people home who were due to fly back with Thomas Cook. The Airport, has quite rightly prioritised using all spaces to get people through as swiftly and comfortably as possible.

Whilst the decision was the right one, there was still apprehension about notifying the traders. These are independent businesses who would now be unable to trade that day and would struggle to secure another day’s trading at short notice. Some of the traders were also new to working with us, meaning they might not want to work with us again. In a bid to mitigate their losses, we planned to offer these traders a new date as soon as possible, but we were still anxious about the response.

We needn’t have been.

Here are a couple of the selfless responses that we received.

“I got the email, hugely disappointing, but not as disappointed as the Thomas Cook travellers and staff, so always look for the positive, life’s too short”. The Bhaji Box

“Just received the email. Hugely disappointing, but given the circumstances I can see this is totally out of your hands, and truth being told at least we haven't lost our jobs like the poor guys at Thomas Cook.” Sabroso Street

As for the customers, they have been equally as supportive and we will be working to make next month’s Halloween event, extra special for people. Stand by for a Spooktacular event at Platform on 25th October.

It just goes to show that if you work with nice people and for nice people, everything will always turn out ok. And if anyone’s looking for a last minute street food trader this Friday, we can whole-heartedly recommend The Bhaji Box, Sabroso Street, Back’s Deli, Slurp Crackle and Pop and Azulito!